Why You Should Consider Using Green Cleaning Products

by Nathan Ripley - August 7, 2018

Living a busy life of today, people most commonly pick the first cleaning product on the shelf without even taking a look at the ingredients. Considering how many things we have on our minds daily, who would even want to think about what’s inside a cleaning product? Well, after reading this, hopefully you’ll want to do just that.

Most of the cleaning products contain strong chemicals that you wouldn’t wish to have anywhere near you or your family. These chemicals can really affect your health; hence, it’s a good idea to switch to greener solutions. Keep on reading to discover why!

1. You’ll have a healthier home

After you stop using regular cleaning products, you’ll also stop exposing yourself and your family to the risks that come with them. For instance, when you use a cleaning spray, it remains lingering in the air and/or sitting on the furniture surfaces. Therefore, it raises the risk of developing asthma.

With greener solutions, you won’t have that worry on your mind.

2. You’ll have a purer environment

If you use many cleaning products, the air in your home will be filled with harmful chemicals. That’s the air you probably don’t want to breathe in. If you switch to greener methods, you’ll have a much cleaner and purer environment that you can enjoy daily.

3. You won’t have to worry about your safety

As it’s already known to everyone, conventional cleaning products might cause burns to the skin. Also, they might be really harmful to the eyes. Green cleaners, on the other hand, don’t pose that kind of risk.

4. The quality of air will be much better

Conventional cleaners carry strong, unpleasant chemical odors that can be too strong to bear. Green cleaning products, including the ones that can be bought in stores, include natural essential oils with a pleasant smell. Hence, you won’t have to struggle with that, too.

5. You’ll actually be saving money

Why go out and spend more money on potentially harmful products, when you can have environmentally safer ones and save some money at the same time? What you need in order to clean your home might already be in your pantry, for example, vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice and more.

6. You’ll get rid of antibacterials

It might sound weird at first, but think about it – do you certainly need antibacterial products? A growing amount of research shows that using antibacterial soap isn’t any better than using regular soap. Moreover, it’s actually worse! Antibacterial products might promote bacterial resistance to antibiotics. What’s more, the antibacterial agents in many soaps might end up messing with your hormones and your thyroid gland.

Most green cleaners don’t contain the antibacterial agents, so they are a much safer choice.

7. You’ll be aware of the ingredients

This might come off as a shocker, but government regulations don’t actually require that every single ingredient is listed on cleaning products. That’s another strong reason why you need to switch to the green cleaning products, as you’ll know the exact ingredients that are inside.

The purpose of this text was to raise awareness of the harsh effects that cleaning chemicals might have on one’s health. So, our advice to you is to go back to basics and start looking for greener ways to preserve the cleanliness of your home.