Top Tips for Getting Your Home Sparkly Clean

by Nathan Ripley - August 26, 2016

We would all love to have a home that is constantly sparkly clean! The kind of place where guests make comments like, “How DO you keep your home so spotless?” However, not all of us have the time – or know how – to achieve this. Let’s take a look at some top tips for getting your home sparkly clean.



Write a Plan

Many people will start cleaning blindly until they give up. Not knowing exactly what they should be cleaning and when. It’s a good idea to write up a cleaning plan or schedule, to keep you on the right track. Kitchens and bathrooms will need the most cleaning, followed by reception rooms (like the lounge). The rooms you spend the least amount of time in, such as a study, will require cleaning less often. If you have a cleaning plan in place, then you will find it a lot easier to stick to a routine.

Get Organized

In most cases, the reason your home doesn’t stay clean is because of clutter! When your home is cluttered, it becomes a lot harder to clean. It’s time to get organized. Head to your local discount store and stock up on storage. We’re talking plastic storage boxes, wardrobe organizers, everything you can possibly think of to help you declutter. Make 3 piles for all of your stuff. One to be thrown away, one to be given away (or sold!), and one to keep. Go through each room at a time and start to declutter, using the 3 pile system. Then put away all of the things that you want to keep, in your new storage.

Little and Often

If you find that the thought of doing a massive clean puts you off, then try the little and often method. Just spend a few minutes on each cleaning task, spread out through the day. Five minutes wiping down the sides in the kitchen. Ten minutes making the bed. By cleaning little and often you’ll find it much less daunting than doing a big clean. You can also rope in the kids, by turning it into fun little tasks.

Getting Some Help

A lot of people find that they’re far too busy to be able to keep their house sparkly clean. We live in a world where we’re all expected to work long hours and keep the home in order. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day! Investing in a maid service to do the jobs you hate is a smart idea in the long-term. You can still use the tips above, like cleaning little and often, but then rely on a cleaning service to do all those bigger jobs. Like cleaning skirting boards and behind the fridge. You’ll also find you’re much more inclined to de-clutter if you know a maid is going to be visiting!

You now have all the knowledge you need to keep your house sparkly clean! Start by writing a plan and decluttering the house. Then try the little and often method, alongside a maid service. You’ll be surprised at what a difference such small changes can make. House guests will turn green with envy!