Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks for your Home

by Maid Just Right Team - February 20, 2018

Now we have to admit, cleaning gets to the best of us- yes, even to those whose house remains as pristine as ever. Although, do you know what sets them apart from us mere mortals, when it comes to cleaning? They know easy and time-saving tips and tricks when cleaning their home- not only do they utilize time efficiently, but they also manage to do ‘easy and breezy’ cleaning. In saying that, here are our top picks of time saving cleaning hacks which can save you time;

Be Organized

Though this may seem to be an obvious pre-requisite when it comes to cleaning, however this simple hack is often not abided by, by most people out there. A small cleaning caddie can do wonders when you want to do a quick and easy clean around your home- simply gather your cleaning equipment, place them in the caddie and go about cleaning. It can potentially save you a lot of time and effort in going back and forth to gather one thing for the kitchen then another for the bedroom and so on.

Stay Regular

They say clutter builds up, the longer you defer sorting it out- we don’t know who said that but rightly so! Regular maintenance if done effectively can do wonders and save you a whole lot of time and effort- not to mention it keeps you away from the dread day of ‘deep cleaning’.

Baskets to the Rescue!

These baskets, which of course ought to vary in size, can be used for each room of the house- not only making for effective cleaning tools but also adding to the ‘look’ of your home. The former being the case as clothes, toys and such can be tossed into these baskets, to be sorted out later- a very useful tool for when you need to make the place spotless on short notice. These baskets can either be tucked away or their fancy lids put on top, to be hidden away from the eyes of your guests.


It’s always good to be doing two things, if you can manage it, to save time and to save you from dreading the cleaning task later on. Simple things such as dropping the trash in the trash chute on your way to work or cleaning counter tops while you wait for your toast to be done can make your daily cleaning task simpler, not to mention time saving.

Hire Home Cleaning Services

Now we completely understand at times you have no time to spare for yourself let alone the monotonous task of cleaning- but we have a hack for that too. Hiring a cleaning service has never been easier- with the most reliable cleaning services coming up in the market, you do not have to worry about a thing! If this seems to tickle your fancy, Maid Just Right might be the service for you. Simply visit the website, book your slot, that is, choose the time and date of when you would prefer your cleaner to show up and have your home cleaned in a thorough and effective manner!