Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Company vs. a Private Cleaner

by Nathan Ripley - July 19, 2018

Cleaning is a daunting task for most homeowners. Busy weekdays and long working hours make us wish that the weekend would come sooner. Then, when we finally get some time off, there’s cleaning waiting to be done.

Naturally, since we don’t want to spend half of our free time cleaning our home, many decide to hire some professional help. The question is: do you hire a cleaning company or a private cleaner? Many people struggle when it comes to deciding whom to hire.

If you too are unsure about who’s a better fit for your home, keep on reading. We will tell you why it is better and safer to hire a cleaning company than a private cleaner.

● Screening / Vetting
While almost anyone can become a private cleaner, not everyone can work in a well-established cleaning company. At Maid Just Right, we dedicate a lot of time and effort when it comes to hiring new staff. You can be certain that all employees working in prominent cleaning companies have undergone thorough background checks and that they are people you can trust.

On the other hand, if you hire a private cleaner, you can’t know whether they are reliable and trustworthy. And, let’s be honest, when we let someone in our home, those things matter. That’s especially important if we want to schedule cleaning while we are away at work or on a trip.

● Accountability
In most cases, private cleaners work on their own (or they have a small team). Hence, they don’t put a lot of thought into organization and scheduling. So, when a private cleaner finds himself in a busy season, he starts to struggle with planning. That may result in missed appointments or late arrivals, which is unacceptable, of course.

On the other hand, you can rely on cleaning companies and expect them to be right on time, every time. Since they have a lot of experience, hard-working, dependable employees and reliable scheduling, cleaning companies generally provide a better service.

● Commitment / Business Reputation
When we want to hire a professional cleaner to help us around the house, we should take two things into account: commitment and business reputation. Naturally, we want the service to be done well and to be done on time. On top of that, we would like to be able to trust the person(s) that enter our home.

Private cleaners work alone, and they don’t have a responsibility toward anyone. While that might be great for them, it doesn’t have to be so great for you. When there is less responsibility, there is less commitment. So, while you can expect excellent service from a cleaning company and their staff, the same cannot be said about all private cleaners.

Also, when you are considering hiring a cleaning company, you can easily check their business reputation online. On top of that, you can read genuine reviews from their clients. That can be very helpful when you are having trouble selecting the best cleaning company for yourself and your home. However, when it comes to private cleaners, all you can rely on is a personal recommendation from a friend or relative – and those aren’t always objective.

● Customer Service
If something goes wrong, we all love to have the option of contacting customer service. All cleaning companies (or at least all prominent ones) have customer support. If an issue occurs with the cleaning staff, if you aren’t satisfied with the service, or if you have a suggestion that could improve the service, you can make the most of customer support and approach the problem in the best possible way.

However, when it comes to private cleaners, that option isn’t available. So, if there is something that’s bothering you, or if something unacceptable happens, there isn’t really much you can do. All you can do is confront the person directly, which can be rather embarrassing. Also, that probably wouldn’t solve the problem, and you would just find yourself looking for someone new to help with the cleaning.

Final Thoughts
All things considered, hiring a cleaning company looks like a far safer option than hiring a private cleaner. If you are looking for a reliable, committed person to help make your home sparkling clean, you will most probably find them in well-established cleaning companies, such as Maid Just Right. While private cleaners might be less expensive, the risks just aren’t worth the subtle price difference.