How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

by Nathan Ripley - June 4, 2019

Do you know a clean home helps promote an overall better sense well-being and reduces stress? When was the last time you cleaned the refrigerator, oven, or de-cluttered your home? It’s true that getting involved in DIY cleaning chores can be stressful and hectic if you go in without a plan. If you want to reap the benefits of a fresh, healthy and enjoyable living environment, then it may be time to enlist the help of a professional house cleaning service.

There are some cleaning jobs that need to be completed on a weekly basis, monthly basis and quarterly basis depending on the area. It’s important to know the frequency and priority of the cleaning tasks your home needs to keep a nice and clean environment for your family. To give you a better idea of what should be done, here are some basic guidelines to help you out.

Dusting and vacuuming should be done at least once a week to reduce the allergens in your home. Likewise, the larger your family is, the more important it becomes to make sure the laundry is done on a weekly basis. Your bathroom and kitchen areas in general are constantly exposed to humidity and germs. To maintain a hygienic environment, you need to target these areas on a weekly basis.

2- Monthly Basis:

The windows of your home are constantly exposed to the outside elements and build up dirt and grime. You also need to understand that the showers and baths start to grow mildew when they’re left too long without a proper cleaning. This makes it especially important to clean these areas at least once a month.
3- Quarterly Basis:

Do not forget that your oven normally experiences a massive grease buildup, which needs to be cleaned up every few months. Likewise, those minor spills and messes in the refrigerator add up and causes a funky smell when not taken care of.

Now you need to ask yourself, “should I opt for a professional house cleaning service?”.

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