Keeping Your Home Clean With Dogs and Cats

by Nathan Ripley - May 10, 2019

At Maid Just Right, one of the big questions San Diego residents ask us is about keeping a house or apartment clean when they have pets. Whether it’s dogs or cats, or animals of a more exotic nature, there’s no doubt pets cause as much mess as they do pleasure.

Animal Hair

Top of the list, for any pet owner, is the problem of dog and cat hair. It gets everywhere. While grooming your best friend regularly can help remove some of this problem, you’ll still find strands of feline or canine hair on your carpet, furniture, even on the bed.

Picking up hair from the carpet and floor is important especially if your pet is liable to attract fleas and ticks. Once these little mites get embedded they can hang around for years and produce fresh outbreaks when you least expect it. Give the carpets a good vacuum at least two times a week to make sure you stay on top of the problem and, if you do have an outbreak, a good flea spray needs to be used.

For wood and hard floors, you can use something like an electrostatic mop that picks up all the hairs. It’s often a lot easier to handle than traditional carpets or rugs.

Clothes and Furniture

No matter how much you try to stop pets getting on the furniture or finding comfort in your favorite jacket, there’s always going to be an issue here. Investing in a tape roller that you can simply run over your clothes can be a godsend. For furniture, you can use the same tool or simply employ your vacuum nozzle. Again, regular cleaning is a must if you want to stay on top of things.

Cat and Dog Mess

Of course, more than one pet owner has been caught out when their dog or cat has been caught short and decided to relieve themselves. Left unattended this can cause bad odors to build up. Investing in a good carpet cleaner which you can run over any area on the floor is a good idea. So is training your pet to go outside or use something like a cat tray. It’s often easier with dogs. Cats tend to be a little sneakier when it comes to doing the business.


Another problem is scratching which can come in a variety of forms. If you have wood floors it can be an issue or if your cat takes a liking to the furniture in your lounge. Make sure you keep your dog’s nails clipped and provide your cat with a scratching post if you want to avoid most of these kinds of problem.

Feeding Time

This can be a messy business, especially when you have more than one animal. It usually helps to keep this confined to one area of the house like the kitchen and using something like a puppy place map can stop you having to mop up those spills and bits and pieces. On the whole, cats tend to be a lot tidier than dogs when it comes to food.

When you invite a new pet into your home, it’s always a good idea to train them properly before they get into bad habits. If you don’t want them climbing onto your furniture or getting on the bed then the sooner you teach them it’s wrong, the better.

For most pet owners, however, it’s something they are happy to live with. It helps to have a good supply of cleaning products on hand for when there is a big mess. Make sure you use natural solutions that are animal friendly and always check the label before you use.


Any questions or feedback? Don’t hesitate to contact Maid Just Right, San Diego’s trusted house cleaning service.