How to Get your Kids to Clean up after Themselves

by Maid Just Right Team - March 6, 2018

Before the parenting police gets ahead of themselves, what we are focusing upon here is to instill cleanliness and order within children. It has been proven that the habits that children acquire in the early stages of their lives remain with them for a long period of time, some of which help to form their adult personality. Needless to say, cleanliness or cleaning up after themselves is one such value which every parent would like to instill in their child however they remain a bit confused as to where to start. Therefore, here we provide a step by step guide on how to not only endorse but also allow for your children to follow the ‘way to cleanliness’.

Step 1: Cleaning as a Rule

This step entails making cleaning up a general family rule not just applicable on children but also upon you as a parent. You show them that this rule is applicable on yourself as well through putting away whatever you utilize and ensure that you verbally convey to them what and why you’re doing it. This allows for children to understand and appreciate that this is as a rule of thumb applicable to all members of the family, including them.

Step 2: One Toy at a Time

Though this may not be the easiest step to for your child to follow but believe us, this is one of the most useful ones. Make it a policy from the beginning with your child that if he/she wants to play with another toy, the first one needs to be put away- if however the Princesses is in dire need of her Prince in the game, allow them to take another toy out but discourage them from creating too much of a mess by taking out unnecessary items.

Step 3: Make it Fun

Cleaning up after themselves doesn’t need to be seen a chore by children, rather if you can make it a bit more fun, chances are they’ll be urging you to let them clean up more often. One such thing could be to make it into a game for example, the first one to put all their toys away in the right place wins or even something like, putting away all the blue toys first then the green ones and so on. This allows for your child to associate fun with cleaning and would likely lead them to adopt such a practice for years to come!

The crux of it all is to instil the habit of cleanliness in your children and showing them the importance of such a task whilst allowing you to spend quality time with them whilst teaching them the ever useful value of cleanliness.
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