How to Deep Clean a Bathroom Efficiently

by Nathan Ripley - August 14, 2018

Every single part of your home needs a regular clean-up to keep looking neat. However, the bathroom does deserve some special attention. And yet, sometimes the bathroom might seem like the last place you would want to clean, as it can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’re going to share some of our favorite tips and tricks on how to deep clean your bathroom with ease.

#1 First things first – the sink

The sink is something you certainly use multiple times a day. Therefore, it requires a regular clean-up in order to stay spotless and sparkling.

You can easily use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner to clean the sink. If you have some more hardened deposits on it, it might be better to go for a soft scrub cleaner. These types of cleaners will be easy to rinse off the ceramic surface.

The most common stains on the sink come from the toothpaste, and you can smoothly remove them with a bleach-formulated cleaner, which will sanitize the surface, too.

For the edge of the sink, you’ll need a disinfecting spray glass or a bathroom cleaner. Afterward, the only thing left to do is dry the surfaces with a fresh cleaning cloth.

#2 Moving on to the shower and/or tub

Showers and tubs are surfaces that are generally exposed to soap scum, bath bombs, shower gels, shampoos and other bathing products. So, the surface can quickly lose its shine. Also, the tub rims, fixtures, and faucets are places where moisture and mold just love to hide. To fight these unwanted changes and preserve your shower or tub, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Start spraying the tub/shower area

Spray the area with a generous layer of all-purpose bathroom cleaner and let it sit for some time. While you’re waiting, focus on cleaning something else. The time that passes will help dissolve oils and soap residue, so it will be easier to clean it off later.

2. Start scrubbing

To scrub everything efficiently, you’ll need to use abrasive scrubbing pads for the tub rings or deposits on the shower floor. You’ll definitely need tile brushes to reach into the cracks and corners. And, finally, a cleaning toothbrush will come in handy to remove the deposit build-up around tub fixtures or a faucet.

3. Rinse it off

Grab the showerhead and rinse everything off. At this point, you can see if you’ve missed something and then go back to cleaning. Otherwise, if everything seems clean, you’re all done!

#3 How to handle fiberglass showers and glass doors

Glass-covered surfaces need rather special treatment. Hence, you should clean them with non-abrasive cleaners, such as the all-purpose bathroom cleaner, baking soda or pine oil. If you try using abrasive cleaners, there’s a chance that you’ll damage the finish.

#4 Finalizing the clean-up

Alright, there’s only one thing left to clean – the toilet. As this is the most frequently used thing in the bathroom, you’ll need to take your time with it.

First off, start by applying some granulated or liquid toilet bowl cleaner to the edges of the bowl and let it sit. You should leave it there as long as you can so that it can dissolve deposits and kill the germs.

Secondly, you need to have a bowl brush, which you’ll use to reach up and under the toilet rim to scour away hidden deposits. For this purpose, it’s better to use the curvy brush.

Next on, you’ll need to use a disinfecting spray cleaner to spray toilet rims, seat, lid, tank and bowl exterior. Let it sit for some time and then wipe it off using a fresh cleaning cloth.

That’s it! You’re all done now.

We covered every single thing that requires cleaning in order to have a nice, fresh, spotless bathroom. The chances are that you’re using the bathroom at least five times a day, so you’ll want to spend every single one of these in a clean and nice-looking place. Now you know everything in order to do so! Just remember to do it regularly, and always use the right products.