Cleaning Services: Myth Buster!

by Maid Just Right Team - February 28, 2018

Nowadays, we’re handling a plethora of things on our plate from work, to looking after the house and on to other responsibilities – then why is that we shy away from getting professional help when it comes to cleaning. In the same way that you seek the services of other professions, you can easily attain the services of a house cleaning service- contrary to the myths which have developed around hiring professional cleaning services.

Suspicious Disappearances are Always a Given- Right?

One of the biggest misgivings in hiring a cleaning service is that it will result in possible theft incidents or something along these lines. No doubt this is an expected reaction considering there will be people coming to your home and will be performing cleaning services- which no doubt entails them moving around each area of the house, for a thorough cleaning. However, in saying this, it should also be kept in mind that a professional cleaning service ought to be hired- with an established clientele along with a transparent process from the time of being selected to the cleaners leaving the respective home- with the latter being thoroughly vetted including identity checks, in person interviews and such.

It’ll be Costly- Right?

As per any other service which you avail, cleaning services too cost some amount, however that is not to say that they will be too costly. The reason being, before employing their services you can check for discounts which may be available, some for example some may be that you get 20% off if you schedule a clean for every week- which is indeed a bargain for the service that you get. Also in some cases, you only have to pay only once the house cleaning is complete- further protecting your small investment in cleaning your home.

The Process will be too Time Consuming- Right?

Gone are the days when you had to make a phone to book something and wait around for the call back for confirmation, wasting time on both ends. Nowadays, the process to book the cleaning service is simple enough; go to the website, choose the date and time you would like your cleaner to show up and you’re good to go. The cleaner will come over and clean your home while you can sit back and relax as you’re likely to be in good hands.

Now we know what you’re thinking, surely no cleaning service fits the bill and does all that is mentioned including the vetting of the cleaners/maids, providing discounts and surely no service makes the process this simple; that’s where Maid Just Right comes in. Not only do we provide all of the aforementioned benefits and/or services but we also pride ourselves on being a professional cleaning service with only one aim in mind; to make the cleaning experience of our esteemed customers as flawless and as hassle free as possible.

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