Clean Your House – Top Five Cleaning Tips

by Maid Just Right Team - June 5, 2018

Cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you have been lazy for a while. Still, it’s very important to live in a clean home, so it is vital that you do some regular cleaning. If you dread the activity, as most people do, follow our top five cleaning tips and make your home shine in no time.

● Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Spending money on a dozen of products won’t get you in the mood for cleaning. Instead of piling up a bunch of products, make an all-purpose cleaner on your own. Mix four tablespoons of baking soda and one-quart warm water; use the solution with a sponge to wipe the dirt away.

If you are too lazy to do that, you can also buy a multi-purpose cleaner at supermarkets. Such products work on more than 20 surfaces, and they are indeed convenient.

You can use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe your kitchen counters, tiles, floors, windows, appliances, inside your fridge, etc. It’s much easier to use just one product instead of changing them all the time.

● Start Small

If you start from the messiest room in the house, you will quickly lose motivation. Try with something smaller instead; clear out your desk or dust the shelves. That will motivate you to tackle bigger cleaning tasks, such as the bathroom or the kitchen. It’s good to start in your dining room, living room, or a home office.

● Manage Pet Smell

Pets are awesome, right? However, they do make a mess and sometimes leave an unpleasant smell. If your pets like to sit on your furniture, or if they have their own, the chances are it will start to smell. To get rid of the smell, sprinkle baking soda on the furniture, let it sit for around 15 minutes and then simply vacuum it up. That should do it!

● Use Vinegar

Although most people use it to add flavor to their food, vinegar can be used as a powerful cleaning tool as well. Use it to add shine to your windows by mixing two tablespoons of white vinegar with a gallon of water. Pour the solution into a used spray bottle and squirt on and wipe away with a clean microfiber cloth.

Also, clean your shower head overnight with white vinegar. Pour vinegar into a plastic sandwich bag and place your shower head in the solution overnight. By the morning, your shower head will be free from grime and dirt.

● Give your Carpets a New Life

Carpets make every home look warmer and softer. If the design is right, a carpet can even make your home much more appealing. However, if your carpet is stained, the impression won’t be as great as expected.

Luckily, even the most stubborn stains can be handled. Use dish soap, for example. Pour one tablespoon of dish detergent into two cups of warm water. Dip a clean white cloth into the mixture and blot the stain. Repeat the process until the stain is absorbed into the cloth and gone from the carpet. Then use a sponge with cold water, and blot dry with another clean cloth.

And that’s it! Cleaning doesn’t have to be a bore if you do it the right way. Make the most of your time and clean effectively.