Benefits of a Local Maid Service

by Nathan Ripley - September 6, 2016

Cleaning the floors

Finding the right maid service or cleaner is hard work; especially with so much choice. How do you know which company to go for? Do you opt for the national chain or franchise? Alternatively, do you go for a local maid service? We think that the local option is the best option – here’s why.


Better Quality of Work


A local maid service has to work hard to build their clients up and keep them. Big chains normally have a large marketing budget that they can use to knock the competition out of the park. However, just because they can spend a fortune on marketing doesn’t mean they’re actually any good. If a small, local business has to do more to get noticed then you will find they’re normally better at their job. The quality of work coming from a local maid service is going to be a lot higher. They genuinely care about their customers and want to ensure that homes are sparkling clean, for happy clients. You’ll find that the quality of cleaning work carried out by a local service is going to be far superior. A local maid service does it because they love it, whereas a chain wants to make as much money as possible.


Better Customer Service


Have you ever tried to get hold of a national (or international) company on the phone?! It can be an absolute nightmare. You’re put on hold for ages and then go through to someone in a call center, who doesn’t really know what you’re talking about. Or, who you are. With a local maid service, you will be treated like a person and not just a number. If there are problems, or you want to book in a last-minute clean, a local company will be in a much better position to help. It all comes down to striving for happy clients!


Better Checks


Do you know what kind of checks are carried out on cleaners at big-name chains? Definitely not as many as a smaller, local company. You will find that local maid services tend to start off small, with just a few trusted cleaners. Usually, it’s people the business owner knows and trusts already! After that, in order to keep the good name of the company, local services will run new cleaners through stringent checks. They want to be sure that the person cleaning your house is trustworthy. Chains have a significant turnover of staff, some of whom aren’t even local, and therefore are less picky about who they let through the doors of clients’ homes.


A Personal Service


One of the best things about any local business is that you get a real, personal service. It doesn’t matter whether you’re visiting the small store on the corner or have a cleaner visiting your house once a week, a local service is always a more personal one. The employees remember your name, what you like, what you don’t like, your family. They’re the people you end up confessing your secrets and turning to for advice. A personable maid service is something you don’t get with a chain.


These are just some of the many benefits of a local maid service, compared to a chain. Support local business and you’ll end up with a better service – what could be better than that?


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