Questions Before Hiring a Professional Maid Service

by Maid Just Right Team - January 19, 2018

Having a reliable maid service is a dream come true, especially for the busy housewife or couples who just can’t seem to catch a break from work and all the other hoopla going on in their lives. Not to mention you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your hobbies such as working on your beginner woodworking projects.

However, this is often a matter of easier said than done as hiring the right house cleaning service can be an absolute nightmare. After all, you want to make sure that your family as well as your belongings are in good hands, and if they are not, then it’s just not worth the risk, is it?

Here are key questions you should ask before hiring a professional maid service:

What Guarantee Do You Offer?

If your home cleaning company in San Diego is proud of the work they do, then they should have no problem backing it up with a guarantee. For instance, if you are not satisfied with the work they have done, you should be entitled to another visit in 24 hours to have proper cleaning done at no extra expense.

Can You Provide References?

Any maid service should be able to give you solid references when asked. If they can’t provide you any on the spot, they can certainly provide a few via email and you can even contact those folks to have their personal views or pay them a visit to get face-to-face feedback and opinions.

Can I Trust Your Maid?

This is perhaps one of the most critical questions to ask from this list. Irrespective of the home cleaning service you hire, you should always ask if all of their employees have had a thorough background check including checks for a criminal record.

The most seasoned house cleaning companies actually turn down hundreds of applications each year due to applicants not meeting stringent requirements of a clean record.

What Cleaning Service Features are Included?

Always ask up front about the exact list of cleaning services provided and if there are any extra costs for specific services. You need to make sure that you are getting everything you pay for.
For instance, you may want specific aspects of the cleaning process handled by the professional maid, rather than the entire house. In this case, the total cost should be adjusted. It is always good to ask.

Are Your Cleaning Services Customised to Fit Personal Needs?

Even though cleaning companies bring their own unique products to do all the cleaning, you may want certain products to be used which smell the way you want or otherwise products that you feel work best according to your home’s floor surfaces.

Ask if the cleaning company offers the flexibility to let you choose or at least match their products closely with to preferences.

Are You Licensed, Insured and Bonded?

Your cleaning company must have liability insurance. This may add to the total cost, but understand that this is to protect you, in case anything is damaged in your house or the maid is hurt due to unforeseen circumstances.

Furthermore, a bonded cleaning company means that you get compensation in case something in your house is stolen.

Maid Just Right offers 100% trustworthy and professional maids who are also bonded and insured. Our maids have undergone extensive background and reference checking and our friendly service comes highly rated by many satisfied customers in San Diego.