4 Tips to Keep Your San Diego Home Clean This Summer

by Maid Just Right Team - March 28, 2018

You just have to love San Diego summers – nice and sunny, with the temperature hovering around 70 degrees F along with moderate-high humidity. There’s lots to do this time of year too and unfortunately, one of them happens to be dealing with the challenges of keeping your home clean.

After all, summer does present somewhat unique messes: from dollops of ice cream knocked over by the little ones to grass stains from the backyard. Fret not, however, as these tricks of the trade will help you keep your beautiful home nice, clean and organized throughout the summer months:

Keep that Moisture and Mildew Out

In most homes, the bathroom often does not get the cleaning attention it deserves.
For starters, you should remind everyone in the family to keep one of the windows open or run the exhaust fan from time to time, particularly right after taking a shower, as it can breed mold.

Take a look at the shower rack and under the sink – you’ll need to toss out empty bottles and other stuff you may not need. In the process, you might also list down stuff you need the next time you go out shopping.
It’s good practice to wipe down all surfaces right after you use them – for instance, the bathroom counter accumulates moisture right after use. In the long run, you can easily prevent hard-water stains this way, not to mention mildew.

Laundry Room

The key thing to remember here is “organization”. Your laundry room needs to be ready for the summer season because there’s going to be a ton of washing, drying and folding clothes with grass stains on them.
Get rid of empty bottles and/or boxes that may have accumulated over time and pack away cold-weather clothing.
Summer brings a brand new set of stains with it, which are typically not found in other seasons – grass, dirt, ice cream, condiments, etc. So, rather than first sorting by whites and colours, sort according to clothes that need to be pre-treated and those that don’t.

Elbow Grease Never Lets You Down

Cleaning the patio and/or deck furniture can be simple if you know what to do. All you need is maybe half an hour and some elbow grease.

When it comes to keeping your patio furniture clean, you’ll need to first wipe it off with a soft cloth, then spray a little water and proceed to scrub with a solution of water mixed in dish soap. Use a soft brush to get rid of those last few stubborn bits of dirt.

In case there’s any rust on metal furniture, simply sand it down and rinse off. You may need to repeat this step a few times to get the rust out completely.

No More Stinky Reminders

Warm and humid temperatures can often bring an unpleasant reminder that it’s time to give your garbage can a thorough cleaning. But that’s not all – you need to get into the nitty gritty of every item and appliance that’s in the kitchen.

For example, toasters are relatively easy and straightforward, but appliances like a microwave can see heavy use which may require more attention. Then there’s the cabinet and drawers you need to take into consideration, not to mention the kitchen counter and flooring.

You can also speed up your kitchen cleaning drill by hiring a professional San Diego maid service, that already has all the tools, skills, expertise and appropriate washing solutions to get the job done.